Papakura offers you a perfect blend of country and town.

Perched on the edge of the greater Auckland metropolitan area, Papakura’s town centre is a diverse and charming environment in which to shop, eat, work or socialise. With a mix of retail, professional and business support services, the town centre brings everything you need together for a convenient and exciting experience.

The green open spaces of our wonderful parks are a perfect haven for families and children and the playgrounds are a fun and safe diversion for the younger ones. What’s more, getting to and from the town centre is simple, quick and convenient by rail, bus or private car.

So for everything you need to know about Papakura’s busy town centre and all the things that make this the heart of our district, look no further!

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Papakura, the fourth-fastest growing district in New Zealand, is putting itself on the map with an innovative project aimed at attracting new business to the district and in particular to the central business area. 

The campaign is based around a new and comprehensive publication, ‘Why Papakura!’ that gives real estate companies and businesses looking for new locations comprehensive information about the unique mix of features that make Papakura the ideal place to establish or relocate to. 

It is the first time so much key information has been brought together in such an accessible document.  To read more click the link below.





Papakura is beginning an exciting new phase of growth that will see it take on an important role as part of the Auckland region. The coming years will bring change and opportunity for all the people of this district. Work under way now, including the Why Papakura initiative, will help attract business and companies to the area. Our new store, which will be accessible from both East and Wood Streets, demonstrates our long term commitment to the current Papakura community as well as our belief in its future potential. With our new store we will be well placed to meet the evolving needs of our customers with a greatly enhanced fresh food offering and an even more extensive range of grocery items.

Peter Lynch - Owner, Papakura New World

Counties Medical owns and operates two Independent Family Health Centres – one in Papakura and one in Takanini. 100,000 patients pass through each centre annually.

Both facilities are open seven days a week and both offer GP Clinic and urgent care A&M clinic services. There are also a range of additional health services such as Dentist, X-ray, Pharmacy & Physio in our centres.

Our premises were getting old and tired and so we looked at options for the future. Our research told us that the people who live in Papakura and the surrounding rural areas want to be able to access key services locally. Papakura people want to shop in Papakura for everyday things.

Papakura has been through some changes as it competes with big-box retailing competition in other centres such as Takanini. This is not just a local issue, it is a national one and many similar centres are experiencing similar issues.

New centres like Takanini don’t have a heart and that is the competitive advantage that Papakura has to offer, as locals still want that. There is a great feel to the town centre - we just need to make sure that we get the retail offering right.

Papakura is sitting in the middle of two large growth areas – Drury and Takanini. There are also a number of new developments in Papakura which will boost population. Counties Medical has chosen to strengthen our base in Papakura and has leased the old Warehouse building on the corner of O’Shannessey Street. We are currently refurbishing this building into a purpose built medical centre which will house a number of specialist medical services in addition to our current services. We have revised our model of care so that we can operate more efficiently and cut down waiting times where possible. We have also focussed on accessibility and enabling access for all patients.

This is a big investment and not one made lightly. We believe in the future of Papakura and its people. 

Sue Marshall – General Manager, Counties Medical