Chorus Box Painting


The Papakura Business Association are working with Chorus NZ to paint the Chorus Boxes around Papakura with our local schools, kindy’s and community groups.

This is a lovely way of the community and predominantly the children getting involved in beautifying these boxes, and ultimately the town with their bright and lovely pictures painted onto these boxes.  If you are interested in painting a Chorus Box in your area please contact the Business Association on 2988996.

Check out the beautiful boxes that have been painted so far in Papakura and by which schools.


Redhill Primary School

This Box is located on Dominion Road in Papakua, past Redcrest Crescent.

The Students from Red Hill School who have Pukekiwiriki as their maunga.  The work on the chorus box represents their local maunga and ngahere/forest which is Pukekiwiriki, the Moana is Manukau and our native birds like the Kereru and Tui occasionally occupy our trees for feeding.  Cultural patterns are used in our design and they based their design on the New Zealand Artist Reina Cottier for inspiration.   





Community Kindy Papakura East

This Chorus Box is located on Clevedon Road.

The Maori whakatauki/proverb alongside the bottom of the art translates to 'Nurture the seed and it will grow'. Because we are an ECE centre we wanted to reflect our kaupapa inside the art work.

The back ground is a rainbow, which we thought represented children well, and we thought of as a nice gift to them. And the Japanese cherry blossom tree which represents the life force and how precious life is.  



Rosehill SCHOOL, James Cook Satellite Class

This is located on the corner of Edinburgh and Jupiter Streets in Papakura.

Our students know that with hard work and a positive attitude, they can achieve anything! The students' hands are stretching up towards the stars - their goals and dreams. The sides are our class motto "Dream, Believe, Achieve".  





The box is located on the corner of Opaheke Road and Liverpool Street, Papakura.

This picture is based on three dinosaurs out on an adventure exploring all around them. This was to portray that at Marne Road Kindy there are new adventures to be had every day.  




This box is located at 142 Clevedon Road in Papakura.

The students studied designs from different cultures as part of our Belonging study. They chose designs that were important or significant to their culture or to their family, e.g. the koru being a symbol for new life, the bird because it showed mariners where land was. The eagle and the multi-coloured tree are part of our school philosophy; the 6 colours of the leaves represent the 6 kinds we follow at the school and our students are encouraged to "fly like an eagle".  The students then drew and painted their designs the same size as the chorus box to get the ratios of the elements correct.






Located outside the School on Settlement Road.

This box painted by the School children is based on their message about living in a culturally diverse Papakura, that is positive with a hint of environmental awareness which show cases the beauty  of our environment as seen through the eyes of 11-13 year olds.




This Box is located on the corner of Grove Road and Old Wairoa Road. 

The children from Community Kindy wanted to paint an animal theme for their box after a recent trip to the Zoo.



This Box is located on the corner of Tasman Drive and Opaheke Road. 

This box was painted by Hawaiiki from Opaheke School who entered a Matariki Flag competition run in Papakura Town Centre, and then painted his design onto this Chorus Box.




This box is located on the corner of Harper Street and Settlement Road.

The latest Chorus box to be painted in Papakura by Settlement Road Kindy on the corner of Settlement Road and Harper Street.

The design is 2 caterpillars, into two chrysalids and then into butterflies designed by the children of Settlement Road Kindy.

The translation means ... give yourself time.