Papakura bid expansion 2018


The Papakura Business Association has been working over the past few months on a proposed expansion for the Papakura Business Improvement District.

There has been huge business growth in Papakura since the BID programme was first established in 2011. This growth has predominantly been outside the current 2011 BID boundary, set by council.

Over the past years there has been more and more demand from businesses located outside the Papakura BID boundary to be part of the BID programme.

We would like these businesses to receive the same benefits and support as current BID programme members. The proposed expansion will extend the boundary to take in businesses in areas such as Pahurehure, Clevedon Rd and Vernon Street. The response from the businesses in the greater Papakura area has been positive.

The expansion will also enable the BID programme to increase the services it currently delivers to the greater Papakura business community. The BID programme is funded by a BID grant which is generated via a targeted rate collected by Auckland Council.

A ballot was undertaken from February 16th March 16th 2018 where all business and property owners in the expansion area were entitled to vote. At the close of the ballot 65% of the returned votes were in support of the expansion going ahead. A Special General Meeting for current BID members will be held on Tuesday 10th of April 2018 with the purpose of ratifying the ballot results and the BID expansion. If the expansion goes ahead, the new BID grant and BID targeted rate will apply from July 1st 2018. The new BID targeted rate is still to be confirmed.

The purpose of the Papakura BID programme is to advocate for and support local business and the ongoing economic development of Papakura.

If you would like to know more about the Papakura BID Expansion and what this means for Papakura, give us a call at the office on 09 298 8996 or email